Maroochydore Football Club Inc. | JUNIOR GIRLS and MINIROOS
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Maroochydore Football Club proudly supports and promotes women’s football.


The girls junior/miniroos program at Maroochydore is one of the clubs strengths.  Women’s football is growing globally and we aim to be at the forefront locally. Our coaches across all the age groups have collaborated to develop a new approach specifically tailored to the needs of girls and young women football players.


Our model can be best described by explaining the different facets:



  • We welcome all players and work on developing their individual skills, however our main focus is on participation and growing individual confidence. Our goal is to empower new players to feel they belong in what has until recently been a heavily male dominated arena.


  • Our focus is on developing the bonds between the girls to create a welcoming environment for all. The aim is to create teams that play an attractive, skillful brand of football that allows players to grow individually and together. While we have achieved excellent results, our focus is not on winning games but creating a foundation for our players to reach their highest potential as they progress.


  • At Maroochydore, our girls don’t train as a team but as a squad. From the miniroos level to the seniors and premiers, our players train with and along side each other with frequent cross over between the adjacent age groups. This allows players the chance to develop at their own pace and to provide a seamless transition between groups.  This squad mentally increases the sense of belonging, allowing all age groups to see our strength of numbers and to see the pathways they can follow.


The Sunshine Coast Region consists of all girl competitions from the ages of Under 15, Under 13, Under 11, Under 9 and Under 7 as well as Senior women divisions. Girls are also welcome to play in mixed divisions.

We welcome new players.


Our club is currently fielding teams in all girls division.


2022 Junior Competitive Season

Under 13/12 (2009 and 2010),

Under 11/10 (2011 and 2012),

Under 9/8 (2013 and 2014)

Under 7/6 (2015 and 2016)

  • Contact Steve Williamson 0414 894 574


Under 15/14 (2007 and 2008)

Senior Woman’s, including Premiers, Under 23s and players aged 18, 17 and 16

  • Contact Gareth Simmonds 0449 847 473


Female Director of Coaching

  • Gareth Simmonds 0449 847 473