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The Maroochydore Academy will return in TERM 3 with two targeted programs to accelerate the development of our Junior Players

Sessions will be delivered by experienced and qualified coaches utilising FFA, Coerver and Premier League Academy techniques.

This is a proven program, previous Maroochydore Academy players are now playing in the QPL or NPL at the Sunshine Coast Fire or the Sunshine Coast Wanderers. 


Skills Development – Mondays 4pm – 5.15pm (Starts Monday 16th July)

$120 for 10 Weeks including Academy Shirt. U8 – U11

  • This program covers all technical aspects with both feet.
  • Ball manipulation: Coerver ball mastery (creates comfort and ease with the ball)
  • First touch: Using your first touch to create space, set up a pass, get out of trouble, pass.
  • Running with the ball: Short, long touch distance, varied speeds, attacking space and changing direction.
  • 1 v 1: Learn effective moves, feints, change of direction, stop starts, using speed and more.
  • Passing and moving: Learn how to pass effectively and move to support the ball carrier. Basic structural teaching.
  • Defending: Tackling techniques, risk/reward when to press when to jockey, show a way, effective multi player defense.
  • Control: Feet, knee, chest, head, high ball low ball etc….
  • Striking the ball: Instep, outside of foot, laces, knuckle balls, curl, playing into space and more.


Game Training – Professional Level Structural Development – Wednesdays 4.30pm – 6pm (Starts Wednesday 18th July)

$140 for 10 Weeks including Academy Shirt. U12 – U14
  • Ball manipulation and skill development: Ball control and skills development must always be worked on, around 30 minutes per session.
  • 15 minutes per session will be used to work through positional shape during all phases of play.
  • Understanding shape, balance and transitions. This is broken down into multiple pieces, for example playing out from the back, transition through the midfield, attack patterns, exploiting broken play, defending (goal line, mid pitch, broken play, BPO, BP) and much much more.
  • 15 minutes per session will be a game where the session learning will be defined, adjusted and fine tuned to help with player comprehension of the session learning in a live setting.
  • This will be followed by 30 mins game where we can assess the success of the core learning for the day.
  • Craig Cannock – FFA C Licence, Coerver Youth Diploma – Former Academy Director – Sunshine Coast Fire. Craig is also currently undertaking his UEFA level 3 and is working under the mentor-ship of Melvyn Wilkes formerly from the EPL (Man City Youth Development and West Bromwich Albion Technical Director) and now current Sunshine Coast Fire Technical Director. 


  •  Gavin Hodgkins – Technical Director of Coaching – Maroochydore Football Club