Maroochydore Football Club Inc. | 2020 JUNIOR TEAMS
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2020 Junior Boys Teams

Following the Boys Junior Grading Trials, we are naming our provisional Division 1 teams below.


These provisional teams are subject to acceptance of position, on-going commitment and individual requirements.  Some changes may be made going forward.


We thank all players for attending the trials.  If you have not been named in a Division 1 team at this stage, you have been identified as a Division 2 player or working towards Division 1.  Some players may be contacted by the coaches to join the Division 1 training leading up to final selection of teams.  Further information regarding the formation of our Division 2 teams will be notified at our Club Open Day, Sat Feb 8th.



U10 Kangaroos (10)

Coach: Paul De Vries   0422 552 054   (Training TBA)


Brock Kretzers

Hudson Barrett

Kobe Barr

Levi Bissett

Liam Francis

Nathan De Vries

Noah Bullen

Rowan Lynch

Toby Wilson

Zeus Brown



U11 Kangaroos (10)

Coach: Anthony Protea   0439 728 881   (Training starts Thursday 16th January 4.30 to 5.30pm)


Aiden Brearley

Cooper Blackstock

Dante Portea

Felix Stephens

Jasper Reeves

Jayke Reeve

Kai Novits

Oliver Whitehouse

Riley Mathers

Xavier Grey



U12 Division 1 (11)

Coach: Troy Hohn   0448 899 183   (Training is each Wednesday and Thursday starting 8th January 5.00 to 6.30pm)


Aidan Guttridge

Blake Gibbs

Cai Mohr

Cameron Thorpe

Charlie Pitman

Koby Morrison

Orlando Eriksson

Oscar Oates

Slater Young

Taiyo Hohn

William Ogle



U13 Division 1 (10)

Coach: TBC – Refer any enquiries to Garrad Zammit 0438 440 633 (Training starts Wednesday 15th January)


Blake Jones

Corey Schneider

Derian Ellis

Hayden Trigatti

Keanu Kerr

Kynan Wallace

Liam Flynn

Noah Crosby

Philip McIvor

Taj Lindsay



U14 Division 1 (14)

Coach: Gavin Hodgkins   0477 077 386   (Training TBA)


Addison Creed

Archie Johnstone

Brodie Gardiner

Carlo Pullen

Guillem Vila

Harry Somlyay

Jai Hunt

Lachlan Mcintyre

Liam Allen

Liam Martin

Oliver Morwood

Reuben Townsend

Tom Stanton

Tyler Nixey



U15 Division 1 (12)

Coach : Adam Soper   0417 740 205   (Training is each Tuesday and Thursday starting 7th January 5.00 to 6.30pm)


Angus Stewart

Benny King

Braiden McIntyre

Byron Trigatti

Charlie Bradshaw

Luis Robinson

Mason Brent

Osca Allen

Patrick Cooper

Sam Harris

Zane Green

Zane Schultz