Maroochydore Football Club Inc. | 2019 JUNIOR TEAMS
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2019 Junior Teams

Following the Boys Junior Grading Trials, we are naming the provisional Division 1 teams below.  Some changes may be made in February.

Some players will be contacted by the coaches to join the Division 1 training leading up to final selection.


U10 Kangaroos (11)

Coach: Bruce Mathers 0416 122 072 (Training will commence in February 2019)

Adam McGee

Aiden Brearly

Alex Dinneen

Cooper Blackstock

Jasper Reeves

Jayke Reeve

Kai Novits

Nikson Kounnafis

Oliver Whitehouse

Riley Mathers

Xavier Grey


U11 Kangaroos White (10)

Coach: Gavin Thorpe 0426 205 105 (Training will commence in February 2019)

Alex Romero

Cameron Thorpe

Charlie Pitman

Dylan Stagoll

Elliott Francis

Koby Morrison

Oliver Naylor

Oliver Patterson

Oscar Oates

Taiyo Hohn


U11 Kangaroos Blue (11)

Coach: Shayne Leigh 0447 611 117 (Training will commence in February 2019)

Aiden Gutteridge

Charlie Ovende

Cooper Glover

Cooper Lee

Jahl Clarken

Jake Leigh

Lochy Martin

Luke Collis

Mason Shallis

Noah Harknett

Zy Ellis



U12 Division 1 (11)

Coach: Adam Brader 0451 053 363 (Training Tuesdays 6pm)

Blake Jones

Clayton Morrissey

Fyffe Hunter

Guillern Vila

Liam Flynn

Matthew Valente

Noah Crosby

Oliver Pugh

Tony Elers

Warren Brader

Zane Lee


U13 Division 1 (12)

Coach: Gavin Hodgkins 0477 077 060 (Training Monday and Wednesday  5pm -6.30pm)

Archie Johnstone

Jai Hunt

Jesse Tulio

Jett Wyllie

Lachlan McIntyre

Lluc Vila

Malik Kelm

Oliver Morwood

Tamati Elers

Tyler Nixey

Will Moore

Xen Smith


U14 Division 1 (14)

Coach: Craig Cannock 0423 291 386 (Training Monday and Wednesday  5pm -6.30pm)

Benny King

Braiden McIntyre

Charlie Bradshaw

Daine Fleguel-Cannock

Daniel Bregtenbach

Luis Robinson

Mahlon Barlow

Mason Brent

Maya Wiltsche

Osca Allen

Patrick Cooper

Sam Harris

Zane Green


U15 Division 1 (6) – Team will train with U16 Div 1

Coach : TBA Please contact Gavin Hodgkins 0477 077 060 – Training Thursday 5pm – 6.30pm (5th Dec Only) and Tuesdays 5pm – 6.30pm

Brayden Pyle

Daniel Helly

Lloyd Dempsey

Tor Johansson

Trae Pearson


U16 Division 1 (14)

Coach: Gavin Hodgkins 0477 077 060 – Training Monday and Wednesday 5pm – 6.30pm

Ben Dwyer

Braith Allen

Colby Edwards

Connor Martin

Daniel Cox

Henrik Flyn

Jack Kirkham

Joe Dennis

Joshua Norton

Michael Crump

Oliver Skuse

Rhyda Johnson

Riley Brent

Seth Lucas


U18 Division 1 (18) – Development Squad/Players also under consideration for Premier Reserves.

Temp Coach: Jorrit Vocheloo 0437 583 935 – Training 6.30pm – 8pm Tuesdays and Thursdays. Players currently training with Premier Reserves, please continue to do so but let Jorrit know.


Ayden Gray

Ben Bust

Connor D’Arc

Dalton Edwards

Ethan Goddard

Harry Osgood

Jean Luc McGhee

Josh Morwood

Kurt Vocheloo

Lochy French

Mason Shead

Nic Gray

Nick Boyd

Nick Evans

Reef Ellis

Sam Murchison

Wil Charlton

Zane Morris


We will be running a Girls U14 and U16 team in 2019. Please contact Gavin Hodgkins 0477 077 060 for further information. Teams will be named in February 2019.