2018 Junior Teams

Following the Boys Junior Grading Trials, we are naming the provisional Division 1 teams below.  Some changes may be made in January.


If you wish to decline a place or prefer to be in a Division 2 team, please contact our Technical Director of Coaching, Gavin Hodgkins on Coaching@maroochydorefc.com.au by return.


Some players will be contacted by the coaches to join the Division 1 training leading up to final selection. Sign-on will open on 8th January and once registered and paid, your spot will be confirmed.



U10 Kangaroos (11)


Charlie Ovenden

Charlie Pitman

Dwyer Samuel

Dylan Stagoll

Elliott Francis

Jackson Burns

Oliver Naylor

Koby Morrison

Oscar Oates

Taiyo Hohn

Zane Allan



U11 Kangaroos (11)


Blake Jones

Cristopher Pulford

Declyn Reeves

Lachlan Salmon

Makiah McCallum

Matthew Valente

Max Cashin

Roman Shead

Tony Elers

Will Rabnott

Zac Sands



U12 Division 1 (10) Coach Gavin Hodgkins (0477 077 060) - Training starts Tuesday 21st November 4.30pm - 6pm


Carlo Pullen

Jai Hunt

Jesse Tulio

Jett Wyllie

Katie Sherer

Lachlan McIntyre

Marli Danger

Oliver Hodgkins

Tamati Elers

Tyler Nixey




U13 Division 1 (12) Coach Nick Harris (0407 739 887) and Craig Cannock (0423 291 386) - Training starts Tuesday 21st November 4.30pm - 6pm


Braiden McIntyre

Charlie Cochrane

Daine Fleguel-Cannock

Finn Allman

Jackson Illguth

Luis Robinson

Maya Wiltsche

Osca Allen

Patrick Cooper

Sam Harris

Tyler Bermingham

Zane Green


U14 Division 1 (11)


Alec Nobel

Brayden Pyle

Cameron Roberts

Flynn Juniper

Hudson Massoud

Indiana Kereopa

Julian Pascoe

Lloyd Dempsey

Oliver Truman

Theo Every

Zane Schultz



U15 Division 1 (13)


Ayden Gray

Colby Edwards

Daniel Cox

Daniel Michaels

Ethan Wallace

Harry Doecke

Harry Bartolo

Jack Kirkham

Joe Dennis

Lochy French

Matthew Whitson

Oliver Skuse

Ramsey Koch



U17 Div 1 (13) - Coach - Nigel Riggs. Training commences for all Div 1 and Div 2 players on Tuesday 28th November 5.30-7pm and also on Tuesday 5th December 5.30 - 7pm.


Ben Bust

Blake Trotter

Dan Ferguson

Daniel Muppet

Jai Bernhagen

Matthew Williams

Miles Brechelt

Nick Boyd

Nick Evans

Oliver Pateman

Reef Ellis

Wil Charlton

Zane Morris


We will be running Girls teams in all age groups and you will be contacted when training begins by Tim Sheridan (0407 767 260)